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Emma Lake Golf Course Rules

1. Fences on #3 and #10 - Out of Bounds.
2. Hazards on #1, #9, #10, #13, #14, #17 and #18 - 1 stroke penalty.
3. Creeks on #1, #7, #8 and #9 - No penalty.
4. Power line on right hand of #1 and #2 - No penalty if struck, shoot again.
5. No more than 4 persons to a group.
6. Every golfer must have his/her own clubs.
7. No walkers or caddies allowed.
8. Only alcohol sold on course will be allowed on course. Any alcohol or coolers not sold by the course will be confiscated and returned after your round is over. This is Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Law.
9. Please obey the Course Marshall.
10. Keep carts at least 30 feet from the greens and off all tees.
11. No rain checks after tee off.
12. For bookings, please call (306) 982- 2054. As per Covid-19 Rules, bookings can only be made by credit cards. No walk-ons allowed at this time.
13. We do not accept Stags or Stagettes.
14. Anyone booking groups that are discovered to be Stags or Stagettes will be subject to tee time charges to their credit cards and will not be allowed on the course.
15. Out of safety and privacy concerns for golfers, guests, employees and the Viewcrest Villas community, The Emma Lake Golf Course/Viewcrest Villas (ELGC) prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems, also known as Drones, by the general public, including hobbyists, the media and recreational users without the expressed written authorization from Viewcrest Investments LTD owners (ELGC), for any purpose including video recording or filming the properties owned by ELGC. This policy includes any drones launched or operated from inside the ELGC property boundaries or from property outside the boundaries of ELGC. Any violation of this policy will involve eviction from the ELGC property, as well as confiscating of any drone equipment and will subject violators to any damages, but not limited to damages for violations of privacy and/or personal or physical damage, as well as legal fees and municipal, provincial or federal regulatory fines. Any authorized operation of drones may be governed by Transport Canada regulations, local law enforcement as well as the policies seperately established by ELGC.

Emma Lake Golf Course Etiquette

Regulations / Etiquette
1. Please do not litter - use garbage cans provided on each tee box.
2. Please repair ball marks and replace all divots.
3. PLAY "READY GOLF" - No honors. On busy days - If you have one hole open ahead, you are too slow. Either speed up play or allow the faster players through.
4. 3 minute limit when searching for lost balls - then keep playing or allow the following group through.
5. Please keep up with the group in front of you.
6. Pro shop has the right to create groups of four.
7. No more than one rider per cart, unless from the same household as per the Government Covid-19 Rules.
8. No coolers allowed on the course.
9. Please keep cars on paths that are roped off(failure to do so could result in loss of golfing privileges).
10. Please obey all fairway signs.
11. Emma Lake Golf Course reserves the right to revoke playing privileges of disruptive players or those breaking rules.